Loewen Windows and Doors

Loewen makes premium wood windows and doors constructed of Douglas Fir. Loewen offers 3 superior glazing options designed to withstand mother nature's harshest elements. Engineered with resilient, beautiful standard Douglas Fir, this Series offers an aesthetic that will work to enhance your projects design.

Douglas Fir Wood Windows and Doors

Unlike other window makers, Loewen Windows and Doors uses Coastal Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga Menziesii to be botanically precise) as the standard species in the doors and windows frames and sashes. This tightly grained wood does more than just give their windows a rich, warm texture— it's also naturally tough and resilient, yet remarkably workable, meaning it is ideal for precision milling and capable of holding the smallest, most intricate detailing.
Preserving Wood Windows and Doors
To enhance the wood's high natural resistance to moisture absorption, decay and insect infestation, every Loewen wood component is treated with a water repellant/wood preservative sealant before assembly.

Sierra Pacific Windows
Quality is at the heart of the Sierra Pacific commitment to value and customer satisfaction. Sierra Pacific is dedicated to the production of top quality window and door products. With the rare combination of technological expertise and craftsmanship, their craftsmen take great pride in their meticulous attention to detail: detail that shows in every Sierra Pacific window and door they build. To ensure the product quality, they perform rigorous quality control checks during the manufacturing process. In addition, Sierra Pacific performs daily production unit testing to assure that the products they build perform to your expectations.

Signature Entry Doors
Manufacturer of custom wood doors with many design options including door panels up to 4 foot wide by ten foot tall. Inswing and outswing entry door systems, with multiple wood species and glass options available.